Home: Flamed Granite Tile and Slabs

Using a controlled finishing process, flamed granite is heated under the highest of temperatures. Causing the individual grains in the stone to burst and change color is from this high heat. A rougher texture of stone with a more natural, faded appearance is the result from the process. In general, the shades of flamed granite are more subdued and this includes shades of tan or charcoal.

Typically, it is more fitting for areas of the home that are prone to dampness the rougher, flamed texture of granite is. A flamed finish works as a beautiful, unique option when granite is used in exterior living spaces like at the patio or deck. As flamed granite is well-suited to uncovered, exterior applications, these slabs also work well in an outdoor kitchen. However, you shouldn’t feel limited by how you can use it if you love the homey beauty of flamed granite. In almost any room of your home, the flamed granite can function exceptionally well. For some natural stone, options are not recommended for installation, flames granite is even suitable for use as a shower floor or in other high-moisture areas which is its edge.

A top option for new kitchen countertops, the timeless beauty and long-lasting qualities of granite can provide have directed to its continual selection. Flamed granite will always be a classic option and a valued natural stone choice. It will allow you to stake on the beauty and functionality of granite in a way that fits best with your design preferences and overall home decor from the finishing methods described above. However, granite is a natural stone product that will add merit plus profit to your home and level up the look of any space no matter which completion you selected.

You’ll definitely have deep affection on how easy it is to keep over the years after you’ve installed granite in your home. Proper sealing and cleaning should be applied according to the manufacturer’s specifications to increase the lifespan and beauty of the stone. Not all granite finishes are available at every retail location and that fact should be noted. There is an online visualizer tool to help you with matching your space and decor to the right granite color option. If you wanted to go old style, visiting stores is another option. You can contemplate on the rightful look that will suit your preference if you can see the granite with your own eyes.

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