Home Accessories: Bath Rugs and Bath Mats


Usually, A tub mat or bath mat is an extension of a towel program. A tub mat or bath mat is used specifically to absorb water following a shower or bath right outside the tub.


However, a bath rug serves multiple benefits. A bath rug can make a notable difference in the look of your bathroom, from a design viewpoint. A bath rug can enhance the overall color scheme of the bathroom or harmonize with the bath towels.


Every homeowner has the option of changing out the bath rug when you need a new look and is available in various colors, textures, and sizes.

For functional aesthetics, it will help absorb water from your body when you are stepping out of the shower or bath when using bath rug just like a tub mat can do. The bath rug will keep the excess water off the floor and hinders slipping on wet tiles. As cotton absorbs many times its weight in water and dries fast, a 100% cotton bath rug is the best option.


A bath rug is not merely constrained to tub-side. It will add extra comfort, support, and warmth, especially on those chilly mornings when placed in front of the bath sink or kitchen sink. This only shows the flexibility of the bath rug to your home.


Proper Care for Bath Rugs

First and foremost, check the care tags to be sure you’re not supposed to use any specific cleaning products that will ruin the bath rug or washer and dryer settings before washing.


Once you’ve checked the care tags, bring the bathroom rugs outside and give them a good shake. You shouldn’t be surprised by the amount of dirt, dust, dander, and hair that comes out of them. In addition, if your bathroom rugs have plastic or rubber backing, do wipe that off using a dry microfiber cloth.